QR2id Assured Integrity Containers

Sires on Ice

QR2id cryovials for frozen semen storage developed in partnership with Sires on Ice

QR2id Assured Integrity Containers

QR2id Assured Integrity Containers combine the data management power of QR2id with innovations in tamper-evidence to protect that which is sealed in the container (patent pending). QR2id Assured Integrity Containers are the new standard by which integrity is preserved.

QR2id Assured Integrity cryovials combine these essential requirements to protect pelletised animal semen.

  • Secure locking lid
  • Tamper-evident design
  • Globally unique identifier indelibly laser marked on the lid and the vial
  • Use the QR2id Serial Number or scan the QR2id Code to add/review data
  • Information about the animal and collection is stored in the QR2id cloud
  • Use the QR2id Serial Number or scan the QR2id Code to add/review data (RFID option also available)

QR2id Assured Integrity Containers include free access to the power and functions of the QR2id Service for semen collection facilities / vet clinics.

  • Convenient web-application (use on a tablet, PC or Mac)
  • Automatically generate labels to print*
  • Upload and mark morphology observations
  • Upload motility videos
  • Upload documents and files related to the animal / collection

QR2id Assured Integrity Straw Containers coming soon!!

For further information or to discuss your specific application, please email us at aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=.
Distribution enquiries welcome.

*A multipage PDF is generated for printing directly to compatible scientific label printers.