QR2id App

While QR2id Codes can be read by any QR Code App, the QR2id App is a fast and easy to use scanning utility for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. Use the QR2id App to scan and interact with QR2id Codes, as well as to scan and decode other QR Codes, Data Matrix codes, or selected 1D barcodes.

While it can be used for conventional code scanning applications, the QR2id App offers powerful integration with QR2id-based web-applications, including QR2id Asset Identification and Loss Prevention, the NSW EPA WasteLocate application, QR2id ID Card verification, TransitACCESS, QR2id Location Markers, Security Seal verification and WasteID applications.

The QR2id App enhances efficiency by integrating scanning, location identification* and web related functions into workflows, without having to switch between a browser and separate Apps. The QR2id App also supports off-line scanning and interaction with designated QR2id Codes, and can enable selected 1D barcodes to act like QR2id Codes (i.e. give them web-based functionality).


  • Faster access to QR2id related functions than any other QR Code scanner
  • Large scan button for easier use
  • Highly reliable scanning (QR2id Codes, QR Codes, Data Matrix, and selected barcodes)
  • Activate torch/flashlight for scanning in low light
  • Zoom function to enable scanning from greater distances / smaller codes
  • Open QR2id web-applications directly via in-App browser
  • Scan directly from within QR2id Web-Applications
  • Simple one button location information*
  • Embedded street map browser and address lookup* for use with WasteLocate and wasteID applications
  • Copy to your clipboard content extracted from QR Codes, Data Matrix, and barcodes


*The user’s permission is required to obtain location information.

  • "QR2id" is a registered trademark of Amtac Professional Services Pty. Ltd.
  • "QR Code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

QR2id App for Android

QR2id App

QR2id App

QR2id and your phone / tablet

Location Services

A number of the QR2id based web-applications, such as WasteLocate (NSW EPA), WasteID, and asset management functions within QR2id rely on verifying the user's location when scanning QR2id Codes, or performing specific tasks.

The QR2id App uses Location Services functions on the smart phone / tablet in order to obtain this information, which may be required for operational or compliance purposes.

When installing the QR2id App you will be prompted to allow the App to use your location, even when the App is not open. The reason for this is that some applications involve performing tasks "off-line" (i.e. when there is no Internet connection) and where the current location may not be able to be determined. Ensure you have your phone/tablet enabled to allow QR2id to access your location "always"

To ensure that an approximate location can be supplied in off-line mode, the QR2id App stores the most recent known location and will use that if it is unable to establish the current location for any reason. To protect users' privacy, the most recent known location is only stored in the background on the phone and is not available to anyone. i.e. the QR2id App cannot be used to track the location of any device running the App.

NOTE: Not all phone / tablet operating systems support obtaining the location in the background. If you have an older Android operating system (< 6.0), you can use the Location button on the QR2id App to manually set a location that can be used if you know you are likely to be going offline (e.g. into a basement).

Photos / Camera

The WasteID web-application and asset management functions within QR2id include the ability to upload photos relevant to the task being undertaken (e.g. reporting damage to a device). The QR2id App allows you to upload photos that you have already taken or to take a new photo to be directly uploaded.

Motion / Fitness

It might seem a little strange that the QR2id App requests access to your Motion and Fitness Activity. It is the Motion aspect that is used to preserve your battery, by not requesting updated location information if the phone/tablet is at rest.


Some QR2id application include notifications of interaction with QR2id Codes. These notifications are currently limited to email and SMS, but enabling Notifications will allow them to be sent directly to the QR2id App, when that functionality is released.

Mobile Data

While some QR2id based web-applications include offline mode, all solutions require access to the Internet, and as such Mobile Data needs to be turned on.

QR2id App

QR2id App