Frequently Asked Questions

QR2id Codes

What is a QR2id Code?
A QR Code (QR stands for "Quick Response") is a 2-dimensional barcode used in a wide range of applications - you have probably seen them on products or printed advertising. Your QR2id Code is a QR code with special features that allow you to securely store and manage information linked to the code.

Why should I use a QR2id Code?
QR2id Codes provide simple, safe and convenient methods of identifying and assisting in the return of lost property. Your privacy is safeguarded at all times as anyone scanning your code on a lost pet or property item can send you a message via email (or SMS message if you have this facility) without the need to see any identifying information from you. QR2id also provides the facility to securely store potentially life-saving information for retrieval by emergency services personnel in the case of an accident or sudden medical event. QR2id Codes can provide you with reminders to follow up on loaned goods or to attend to service or health-check needs for yourself, pets or property.

What can I use my QR2id Code for?
The principal use for your QR2id Personal Codes is to facilitate the return of any lost pet or property. Anyone scanning your code will be able to contact you simply and conveniently via an email (or SMS message if you have this facility). You can store any information that you wish related to your QR2id Codes, whatever medium you are using (tags, discs, stickers, labels, plates, etc) . You decide what is publicly available (ie what is seen by anyone who scans your code) and we suggest that you do not display any identifying information. You can set reminders for pet health issues such as vaccinations, worming or tick collars. You can attach information that might be vital to your health and well-being in an emergency situation, such as any allergies, medical conditions or prescription medication. You can record information regarding who has borrowed a tool or appliance and a reminder to yourself to follow up on the loan. The list of uses is totally adaptable to your situation (and your imagination).

What information is contained in my QR2id Code?
After purchase and validation of your QR2id product, your QR2id Code will contain enough information for anyone scanning a code on a lost pet or property item to send you an email message (or text message if you have purchased the SMS option). No further configuration is required if you so wish. However, the QR2id service is so flexible and adaptable that you can add virtually any information that you wish. You decide what is "hidden" and what is publicly available via scanning. We strongly advise that you do not include any identifying information in your scannable details. QR2id takes your privacy very seriously and you should too. You can upload photos or icons to assist you to manage your codes, you can set reminders regarding maintenance or health issues, or loaned items. You can set *ICE* (In Case of Emergency) information that will only be available to emergency services personnel, and might be of vital importance if the unthinkable happens and you are unable to provide details yourself. You can store any information regarding an attached item that you find interesting or useful ,for example, you may wish to electronically store warranty or receipt information regarding appliances or technical devices.

Where can I put my tag, sticker, plate or disc?
There is so much that you can do with QR2id for your safety, security and just plain convenience. Attach QR2id discs, tags and stickers to keys, pets, handbags, musical instruments, luggage, tools, back packs, bikes, helmets, DVDs, bus passes, books, toys, trailers, computers, phones, camping equipment, surf boards, canoes, trailers, plants........

How do I update the information contained in my QR2id Code?
Once you have purchased your "Starter Pack" you wil be sent an email with instructions regarding your login and password for your new QR2id account. You login to your account via the website. Prompts and information are readily accessible to enable you to best use your codes or to make any changes or updates in the future. If you experience difficulties, please feel free to contact the friendly staff at QR2id via the website or phone.

Are two QR2id Codes ever the same?
QR2id Codes are globally unique and are never repeated. This allows them to always be managed separately, disabled and replaced if they are lost, and transferred if that need arises. However, we recognise that for convenience some clients might want the same QR2id Code on several items, so personalised QR2id Sticker Sheets and Tags are able to be supplied with all the same QR2id Code printed on them. One QR2id client used this approach for items taken to a Scout Jamboree; they all had the same QR2id Code and were personalised with the name of the scout and his troop number.

Can I transfer a QR2id Code to someone else?
We are happy to arrange for the transfer of a code to another account, if we receive your authority to do so. This may occur, for example when an item with a QR2id Code attached is sold or given away. You can set the status of any of your QR2id Codes to "Released" and this allows it to be reassigned to an existing account or used in the creation of a new account. To do so requires a PIN to be enterred, so that items displayed for sale cannot be "inadvertantly" attached to a QR2id account and made to look like the property of someone who has not yet purchased the item.

Can I reprint my own QR2id Codes on anything?
Yes. When you are logged into your QR2id Account you will see your QR2id Code list. In the "Copy" column you will see a small QR2id Code icon. Click on the icon for the QR2id Code you wish to reprint and the QR2id Code will pop-up for you to save as an image. You can then do with it as you wish. Just remember that if you use it in a different application, the same settings will apply as you set for the original.

Can I generate my own QR2id Codes that I can print myself or have engraved on items?
Soon. We have many new features in development, including a tool to generate QR2id Codes in a variety of different format, such as for printer labels and custom engraving. There will be a small cost per QR2id Code, but you will be able to choose how you want to use those codes and they will be able to be managed through your QR2id Account. If you need this facility before it is officially released, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your need.

Can an existing QR Code be made to work with QR2id?
When QR Codes link to websites, that web address is hard set in the pattern of the code and can't be changed. However, some services (such as Google) offer the ability to redirect the web address in the QR Code they generated to go to a different website. So if you generated a QR Code that goes directly to a website it will not be possible to use that with QR2id, but if you used a service that includes a redirect, it might be possible to have that redirect to a QR2id address that works and gives you the benefits of the QR2id Service. A small fee would be applicable to generate and assign a QR2id Code for this purpose.


How do I scan my QR2id tag,disc and/or sticker?
There are two ways to see the information on your QR2id Code. You can use a dedicated QR scanner app on your smart phone or tablet. There are many free apps available to download.There is a link to some of these "apps" on the QR2id website. Alternatively you can enter the serial number into the QR2id website. This will present a form to enable anyone finding a lost pet or property item to decode the information contained on your QR2id Code, and to send a message to you via email (or SMS if you have this service enabled).

What if I don't have a QR reader?
QR codes can be scanned via any of numerous free QR scanning applications that are downloadable for Smart Phones or Tablets. If you do not have access to these devices, or the person finding a lost pet or property item does not have access to these devices, the serial number on each tag, disc, sticker or plate can be entered into the QR2id website for decoding, and messages sent from the website. This information is made clearly available on each tag, disc, sticker and plate.

What if my QR scanner won't read my QR2id Code?
There are many QR Code Scanners that are free to download to Smart Phones or Tablets. If you are regularly experiencing difficulty with the scanner that you are currently using, please try another version or "app". If you are only occasionally experiencing issues, it may be due to light reflection from your tag, disc or sticker. Try moving the code to a more uniformly lit area or decode the QR2id Code by enterring the Serial Number at

QR2id Account

If I have a small business, is it OK to use a QR2id Personal Account or do I have to use QR2id Corporate?
If you are a small business and don't need the extra features of a QR2id Corporate account, you are welcome to use a QR2id Personal account for your business. There are no limits to the number of QR2id Codes you can manage under the one account.

Can I transfer my QR2id Codes to another QR2id Account?
Yes. All QR2id Codes are able to be transferred with the authority of the current owner. You can simply "Release" the QR2id Code and have the other person scan it (or enter the Serial Number on the website) and enter the PIN Code to transfer it to their account. NB: The transfer PIN Code is generated when you "Release" a QR2id Code and you can provide this to the person receiving the code.

Why is there a QR2id subscription renewal when some other QR code products include the service for free?
Any product that includes an on-line service component has to have supporting infrastructure that needs to be maintained. If there is no recurring service fee, the company has to rely on new sales to cover the cost of providing the service to previous purchasers. It doesn't matter what the promise is at the time of purchase, if they can't afford to continue to maintain the infrastructure you will end up with a product you can no longer use.

Will there be new features added to QR2id Personal and QR2id Corporate Accounts?
QR2id is the first comprehensive service of its kind and we will continue to build and develop new features for many years to come. The QR2id subscription fees are kept as low as possible, but at a level that allows us to provide the service and future development needed to ensure you get the best return possible on your investment in QR2id products well into the future. If you have a feature request, please let us know.

What is a QR2id "Static" Account
A QR2id "Static" account is a limited type of QR2id Personal facility that can manage only one QR2id Code. Static accounts are limited to receiving messages via email. A QR2id Static account is a lower cost option where only one QR2id Code is needed, but can be upgrade to a full QR2id Personal account at any time by paying the QR2id Personal Renewal Fee.

What's the difference between a QR2id Personal account and a QR2id Corporate account?
The main difference between QR2id Personal and Corporate accounts is functionality. QR2id Corporate accounts can have multiple operators managing the same QR2id Codes under separate logins and have access to specialised management functions (via the website) that are oriented to corporate applications. QR2id Corporate accounts also include 300 SMS message credits with the annual QR2id Corporate subscription.

Does it cost extra to be notified when a QR2id Code is scanned?
No. You can set any of your QR2id Codes to notify you by email or SMS whenever it is scanned. An SMS notification will use up one SMS Credit from your account, but emails are included in the QR2id Subscription.

How many QR2id Codes can I have on the one account?
There are no limits to the number of codes that can be managed on one QR2id account. With either a QR2id Personal or QR2id Corporate account you can add as many QR2id Codes as you need, in whatever format you need them.

How can I cancel my subscription to QR2id?
There is a 30 day approval period during which you may return your QR2id products and receive a full refund. After this time, please tell us what is not meeting your expectations and we will do our best to address any issues you may have. However, no refunds can be provided after 30 days. Should you not wish to renew your QR2id service, simply elect to not resubscribe at the end of your 2 year contract, but we really hope you will enjoy QR2id and join with us in coming up with new and inovative applications for QR2id Codes.


How do I maintain my privacy with QR2id Codes?
QR2id takes your privacy very seriously, and we strongly recommend that you do too. With QR2id there is no need to ever display identifying details in publicly accessible information (ie what someone sees when they scan your code). You choose what you want to display and what is appropriate will depend on the application. For example, some QR2id Personal Clients may like to display their preferred name when a sticker on a tool box is scanned (e.g. "Bob'sTool Box"), whereas you might prefer anonymity for a sticker on a bike helmet - you can still have the contact form display and a link to any *ICE* information.

What does "encrypted" mean for my QR2id Code information?
The term "encrypted" essentially means that information (or data flowing over your Internet connection) is modified in such a way that unauthorised people cannot read it. Sensitive information, such as your password, postal address, email address, phone number, *ICE* information are all encrypted in the QR2id Database. This means that even if a hacker got direct access to the databases (and we take lots of steps to protect them), they cannot read sensitive information.

Why can't you email me my password if I forget it?
You can reset your QR2id password if you forget it, but we cannot email it to you because of the way it is encrypted (for your protection). All QR2id passwords use a special "hash" encryption algorithm which means it can never be decrypted - it is a one way deal. Once you set your password nobody, not even our developers, have any way to read it. If a website you are using has a 'password recovery' option, rather than 'password reset', this is a potential vulnerability.

Is all the information I add to a QR2id Code encrypted?
Your sensitive information is all encrypted, including all *ICE* information. For technical reasons, there are some things that cannot be encrypted, such as information that may be needed to be retrieved through a search, or sorted for display on the screen. A number of standard 'fields' are provided for each QR2id Application Category and because these are included in quick searches, the information in them can't be encrypted. However, you can leave any of these fields empty and add your own, which are always encrypted.

Can I be notified whenever one of my QR2id Codes is scanned?
Yes. Other than for "Static" accounts, you have the option of setting any of your QR2id Codes so that you receive an email or SMS whenever the code is scanned. If you have also set the QR2id Code to request location information, this will be included in the notification email/SMS.

Can I reply anonymously to a message through the QR2id Service?
Not directly. If you are concerned about a message and want to further validate the authenticity of the message, email us and we will contact the person for you.

Do you sell your email lists?
No. We take your privacy very seriously and will never sell or rent client details to any third party. If you obtained your QR2id Account through a promotion or Fundraising Partner, your email address may be known to the associated partners and they may contact you with offers in line with the terms and conditions applicable at the time. However, if at any time you want to opt out, you should contact them directly and also let us know so that we can update our records as well.

*ICE* Information

What is *ICE* information?
ICE is an internationally recognised abbreviation for "In Case of Emergency". This is the information profile that can be registered against any of your codes. We have added layers of protection on this information to allow access only to emergency services personnel scanning your code. This information may be vital to your welfare in an emergency situation and may include details such as allergies, medical conditions, prescription medications, etc.

Who can access *ICE* information?
*ICE* information can only be accessed by authorised emergency services agencies. A request form is completed online by the requesting agency and the *ICE* information set for the specific QR2id Code is emailed to the nominated email address, provided that the email domain (the bit after the @ symbol) is registered with QR2id as belonging to a legitimate emergency services agency (e.g. Police, Ambulance/EMS, Fire, etc.). Personal or corporate email domains, such as @bigpond or @gmail, cannot be used to receive *ICE* information.

When would *ICE* information be used?
*ICE* information can be accessed by attending emergency services personnel in a situation such as a car or cycle accident or sudden medical crisis.

What if more than one person uses a vehicle or helmet etc? Whose *ICE* details should be included on that code?
You can set up as many *ICE* profiles on your account as you need. In situations where more than one person will regularly use a tag, sticker, or disc such as on the keys to a family car, then you can have multiple *ICE* profiles recorded against that code. We suggest that your *ICE*profiles should contain an up-to-date ID photograph of each person so that attending emergency services personnel can easily determine which profile is appropriate for their reference.

How can I monitor if *ICE* information has been accessed?
When *ICE* information is supplied, an email is also sent to your nominated email address. This email will include information regarding th origin of the *ICE* request.


What is included in a QR2id Starter Kit?
There are a number of convenient options to choose from in the QR2id Starter Kit packs. Each comes with a 2 year subscription to the QR2id Personal Service to enable you access to your QR2id account and the ability to fully customize your information and settings. The Discs Starter Kit contains a two year subscription to the QR2id Service, a sheet of 17 mixed size QR2id Code weather resistant stickers, three QR2id clothing labels and two anodised aluminium QR2id Discs (laser etched with QR2id Code and Serial Number on one side and instructions on the reverse). The Tags Starter Kit includes a two year subscription, the sheet of stickers, three clothing labels and a set of three plastic tags with QR2id Code and Serial Number dye-sub printed on one side and instructions on the reverse. The Combination (Combo) Starter Kit includes a two year subscription to the QR2id Service, a sheet of 17 mixed weather-resistant stickers, three clothing labels, the set of 3 plastic QR2id Tags and tow anodised aluminium QR2id Discs.

How do I purchase extra QR2id products after my initial Starter Pack?
Other QR2id products will be readily available to be purchased online via the website, or you can just phone us to discus your requirements. Use your login and password to access the site. In the future, the website will have details regarding local stockists should you prefer to purchase "over the counter".

Lost/Damaged QR2id Codes

What happens if I lose a tag, disc or plate?
Every QR2id Plastic Tag, Aluminium Disc or Plate is sold with a lifetime replacement guarantee. For only the cost of postage and handling, we will replace a lost or damaged item, and remove the old code from active service.

What if a QR2id Sticker or QR2id Garment label becomes unscannable?
Exposure to the elements and normal wear and tear can affect the legibility of the QR2id Code on Garment Labels and Stickers. While the lifetime replacement guarantee applies to QR2id Discs, Tags and Plates, if you feel that the probem you are seeing is a defect, please send us the offending label or sticker and we will review it immediately. If it is a manufacturing defect we will of course replace the faulty item free of charge. Website

Is the QR2id website smart phone compatible?
The QR2id website has been designed to work well across a variety of platforms. Information should be clearly available on your Smart Phone, iPad or other Tablet or computer (notebook or desktop). You can manage your account from any of these devices as long as you have an Internet connection for the device.

What web-browsers are able to be used at
While most modern browsers will be able to access, some features take advantage of current browser technology and will not work with older browsers.
We recommend Google Chrome as the preferred browser, or Mozilla Firefox. The list of desktop browsers that support all functions include:
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari 5.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
  • Opera 11.0+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0+

Internet Explorer 8 and 9 can access most QR2id functions, but cannot use the image upload facility, due to incompatability issues related to mobile browser support. IE 10+ is fully supported and we recommend that you update to this version, if Internet Explorer is your preferred browser.

Most modern mobile browsers will work with most QR2id functions, but the following browsers also include support for file uploads:

  • Apple Safari Mobile on iOS 6.0+
  • Google Chrome on iOS 6.0+