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QR2id Location Marker details are available to support Emergency Services, and QR2id subscribers may nominate specific information to be available only to authorised Emergency Services personnel. more »

Victorian Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA)

The Victorian Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) is now building on the foundations it has laid over several years by leveraging the QR2id Service to extend information about Emergency Marker locations and selected data to Victorian government agencies, community groups, and the general public. Read more about how QR2id Location Markers can be used to provide location based information and enhance public safety.

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ESTA Emergency Marker BAY821

QR2id Personal

QR2id Personal

QR2id is a 21st century ID tag for personal property and pets.

QR2id Personal is the simple and secure way to give yourself the best chance of being reunited with lost personal property or your pet, while protecting your privacy and enhancing your personal safety... more »

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QR2id Corporate

QR2id Corporate

QR2id is interactive property marking and so much more...

QR2id Corporate provides a low cost, convenient, flexible and context sensitive method of property marking, location identification, credential verification, and integrity management, but there is so much more you can do with QR2id... more »

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