QR2id: Your Value-Added Production Partner

If you have an engraving or laser marking business, QR2id can help you generate new opportunities.

1000's of uses!...

QR2id is the 21st century ID with literally thousands of applications. Your corporate and individual clients will appreciate the benefits of being able to uniquely identify property for loss prevention, asset management and logging applications. QR2id can even enhance personal safety.

By introducing your clients to QR2id you will be generating a new income stream, and have the chance to build additional business from new clients looking to have QR2id Codes direct engraved.

Anyone can generate a QR Code and engrave it on something, but what that code can do will always be limited by the website to which it points. With a QR2id Account, your clients get an low-cost, flexible and unparalleled web application that supports so many functions:

  • Configure what is displayed when the QR2id Code is scanned or the Serial Number entered at QR2id.com (and update / change it any time)
  • Set scan and message notifications to be delivered to multiple recipients via email and/or SMS
  • Request or require GPS location when the QR2id Code is scanned
  • Upload photos and/or files to QR2id Codes and make them available when scanned or only accessible to a logged-in Operator (e.g. receipts, manuals, service records)
  • Centrally manage sets of files to attach to one or more QR2id Codes (QR2id Corporate Accounts Only)
  • Configure In-Case-of-Emergency (*ICE*) Profiles accessible only by authorised emergency services personnel
  • Set reminders
  • Set your QR2id Code redirect to an external website (even include EDI)
  • Record details when items are loaned to others and add reminders
  • Logging functions for specialised applications (such as FBT) and for generic purposes
  • Unlimited QR2id Codes managed centrally through the one account
  • Transfer any QR2id Code to another QR2id Account at any time (with authorisation)

We will help you with referrals, advice on materials, laser settings, jig development, as well as avoiding traps and pitfalls.

Unique wiring identification plates produced in bulk
Unique wiring identification plates
provide access to drawings and cable schedules

Get started today building your business with QR2id

  • No money up front
  • No minimum commitments
  • No stock to buy
  • Make up to 30% ongoing commission
  • Buy QR2id Codes in convenient PDF templates for easy production (single or multi-code jigs)
  • Draw from existing QR2id Products or create your own

Get underway today!

Direct engrave QR2id QR Codes to build business
Direct engrave QR2id Codes for your clients

QR Codes on stainless steel plates with logo
QR2id Codes on Stainless Steel Plates


If you have any questions about becoming a QR2id Production Partner, please call on (07) 3380 4678 [Int+61-7-3380-4678] or drop us a line via email aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=.

Note that Amtac's office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday, but out of hours telephone or Skype appointments can easily be arranged by email.

It is currently 12:06 AM on Monday, 15 Jul 2024 at Amtac HQ.


It couldn't be more simple...

Become a Production Partner

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Sign up as a QR2id Production Partner and get your Voucher Code and access to the QR2id.com Portal.

Tell your clients

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Let your clients know that you can provide them with QR2id Codes direct engraved or on any of the off-the-shelf QR2id Products.

Online Purchase

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Buy QR2id Codes for your clients online through the QR2id.com Portal (standard or customised templates, as best suits your needs).

Wide Range of Options

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There are many ways that QR2id can add value to your existing business. Please talk to us about your ideas and hear some of ours.

Commission Paid

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Commissions are paid monthly for all new QR2id Accounts and any purchases from QR2id.com linked to your Voucher Code.

On-going Income

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Commissions are also paid on QR2id Account renewals for all clients linked to you as their QR2id Production Partner.

Let profits from QR2id help you buy a new laser...

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