QR2id Personal Disc Starter Kit

The QR2id Disc Starter Kit includes two full years subscription to the QR2id Service, as well as two (2) QR2id Discs, a set of three (3) QR2id Garment Labels and a sheet of seventeen (17) weather-resistant polymer stickers (mixed sizes).

QR2id Discs

Suitable for...

... pet tags, keys, power tools, bar-b-que equipment, fishing nets, luggage...

Two laser marked, anodised aluminium QR2id Discs (32mm diameter). QR2id Code and Serial Number laser engraved on one side, and detailed instructions on the reverse. Disks available in Red, Black, Green, Blue and Violet.

QR2id Labels


... school blazers, hats, uniforms, swimming costumes, soft cases, flags, book bags...

Three cellulose fibre QR2id Garment Labels (each 60mm x 30mm). A 5mm border around the QR2id Label provides lots of space for the label to be sewn into the garment by hand or machine. They are machine washing and dry cleaning tested for domestic use.

NB: These are not iron-on labels

QR2id Stickers


... bike helmets, tools, toys, sports equipment, musical instruments, bus/transport pass, diary...

One sheet of 17 weather-resistant polymer stickers (suitable for occasional exposure to the elements). One the sheet you get the following sizes:

  • four @ 45mm x 14mm
  • four @ 45mm x 20mm
  • eight @ 23mm x 30mm
  • one @ 90mm x 37mm

Each QR2id Code in your new Starter Kit works immediately in "contact mode"; there is nothing more you need to do if you don't wish to configure each item. i.e. It just works! If someone finds an item to which the QR2id Code is attached, you will be emailed when the code is scanned or decoded using the QR2id.com website. The person scanning the code will be able to contact you via email by filling in a form they will see on their phone or computer (click here to see an example)... all without needing to know your email address or seeing any of your personal information.

If you would like to be contacted by SMS as well as, or instead of email, you can add message receipt by SMS as an optional service when ordering your Starter kit. Once you log into your QR2id Account, you can configure which contact methods are used for each QR2id Code. For example, you might have the QR2id Sticker on a child's bike helmet set to send you an email whenever it is scanned, but an email and SMS text if someone completes the contact form.

There is no limit to the number of QR2id Codes you can have under the one account. Add more QR2id Tags, Discs, Labels, Stickers, Key Rings, or any QR2id products you wish, at any time. Use the one account to protect the entire family.


QR2id allows you to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel - referred to as *ICE* (*In-Case-of-Emergency*) information. You are in full control over what information, if any, you want to be available in such circumstances where it may assist emergency services.