QR2id Sticker/Stencils

STSRES-GEN-80x35W (AU$4.40)

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Material: Double layer, brittle, tamper-evident acrylic film

Size: 80mm x 35mm

Colour: White / Yellow / Black

Marking: CO2 laser

Temperature resistance short term: 270 °C

Temperature resistance long term: 120 °C

Frost resistance: -50 °C

Ageing resistance (UV): ++

Abrasion resistance (UV): ++

Resistance to chemicals: ++

Adhesive: Resin modified acrylic suitable for high and low energy surfaces

Note: Surface cleaning and preparation recommended before application

Peel off force from liner: 2-10 cN/cm

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Customisation available

Please contact us to discuss customisation to suit your needs - no minimum quantities apply.


Phone: (07) 3380 4678 (+61-7-3380-4678)

QR2id Resilient Sticker/Stencils

Prominent property marking is an effective deterrent against theft.

QR2id Resilient Sticker/Stencils offer an exceptionally robust method of asset identification. As the name suggests,each Resilient Sticker/Stencil incorporates a stencil that enables assets to be indelibly marked with unique QR2id Serial Numbers; delivering crime prevention and theft deterrence.

QR2id Resilient Sticker/Stencils are manufactured from an extraordinary material that is resistant to extremes of temperature, chemicals and abrasion, as well as being almost impossible to remove once the adhesive is set. A marking compound, laquer or ink can be applied through the stencil holes in the sticker to transfer the QR2id Code Serial Number to the item being marked.

AHighly resilient sticker material

Weather Resistant
Weather Resistant

UV Resistant
UV Resistant

Abrasion Resistant
Abrasion Resistant

Chemical Resistant
Chemical Resistant

Heat Resistant 120°C
Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant 270°C short term
Heat Resistant
270°C (Short-Term)

Frost Resistant -50°C
Frost Resistant

Tamper Evident
Tamper Evident

BHigh contrast laser marking

Laser Marked
Laser Marked

Scan QR2id Code
Scan QR2id Code

Decode via web
Decode via web
(Enter Serial No.)

CStencil incorporated within the sticker to facilitate indelible marking

Marking Compound
Marking compounds available to suit most surfaces

Surface Etched
Surface displays QR2id Serial Number and website if sticker/stencil is removed.
NB: While any engraving or marking can be removed with enough effort, that effort and the likelihood of being caught with identifiable property is a powerful deterrent to theft.

DSuitable for a wide range of materials

Low to High Energy
Suitable for Low and
High Energy Materials
e.g. Plastics & Metals

Clean surface with
Isopropyl Alcohol
for best results

Highly adhesive via web
High bonding strength
(max in 72 hrs)

Sticker fragments when removal is attempted

Once the QR2id Sticker/Stencil is applied to a surface and the adhesive reaches maximum bonding strength (72 hours), it is extremely difficult to remove. The combination of the strength of the adhesive and characteristics of the material that cause it to break into very small pieces, rather than peel off, make any attempts to remove it a time consuming process.

Manufacturer Incorporated

If you have purchased an item with a QR2id Code incorporated by the manufacturer, there will have been a small card attached (or possibly in the documentation). This card includes an Activation PIN required to add the QR2id Code to your existing QR2id Account, or from which you can activate the QR2id Code on a new account.

If you do not have the Activation PIN, we will need to verify proof of purchase before the QR2id Code can be activated. Please contact us via email, aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=, with the QR2id Code Serial Number and include details of the purchase and a scanned copy of your receipt.

Direct Purchase

Direct Purchase

You can also buy additional QR2id Sticker/Stencils on-line.

Any QR2id Sticker/Stencils purchased directly from QR2id.com are automatically linked to your account at the time of dispatch, so you can log in and manage the application for each sticker from your QR2id account.

If at some point in the future you wish to sell an asset with a QR2id Sticker/Stencil, you will need a Re-Activation PIN which will be emailed to you when you "Release" the QR2id Code for resale. Please print this out and pass it onto the new owner or retail outlet through which the item is being sold.


Pre-Owned Assets

QR2id Codes are fully transferrable (with authorisation), so you may have an opportunity to purchase an item with a QR2id Code applied by the previous owner. The QR2id Account holder who has released the QR2id Code for re-use will have generated a Re-Activation PIN when they made the item available for sale. You will need that Re-Activation PIN to add the QR2id Code to your existing QR2id Account, or from which you can activate the QR2id Code on a new account.

As with Manufacturer Incorporated QR2id Codes, if you do not have the Activation PIN, we will need to verify proof of purchase to activate the QR2id Code. Please contact us via email (aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=) with the QR2id Code Serial Number and details of the purchase.