QR2id Lock Screen

QR2id Code Lock Screen images are free for QR2id Clients


Image: 2 colour PNG

Size: to suit your device

Delivery: Generate your own or emailed on request

QR2id Lock Screen Images

Protect your phone or tablet computer and enhance your personal safety with a QR2id Lock Screen Image.

Anyone finding your device with a QR2id Lock Screen Image can simply scan the QR2id Code to contact you via email or SMS, or if they don't have a QR Reader on a Smart Phone, they can enter the Serial Number at QR2id.com to get in touch. Your privacy is protected and you decide what, if anything, is displayed when the QR2id Code is scanned and can change that information and your nominated contact method at any time. You can also add emergency contact and medical information that is only available to authorised emergency services personnel.

QR2id Lock Screen Images are available free of charge to all QR2id.com clients. You can create a Lock-Screen image yourself from any of your QR2id Codes, or if you email us details of your device we will generate one to suit, absolutely free of charge.


QR2id allows you to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel - referred to as *ICE* (*In-Case-of-Emergency*) information. You are in full control over what information, if any, you want to be available in such circumstances where it may assist emergency services.

QR2id Emergency Services Information

The benefits of having *ICE*/Emergency information available through a QR2id Lock-Screen image on your phone is clear, should the unthinkable occur. QR2id could provide time critical access to contact details and/or potentially life saving information. Many stressful situations can be resolved almost immediately with *ICE* details on a QR2id Lock-Screen (accessible only to authorised emergency services personnel).

The process of adding *ICE*/Emergency information is guided by a form that includes typical information you may want to make available, but you can add any information you wish. Each piece of information you add to an *ICE* Information Set is encrypted in the QR2id database for your protection. The decision about what to include is entirely yours and you can add, update or remove information at any time through your QR2id account. Click Here for more details about emergency services only information.