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QR2id Media Resources

QR2id is an innovative and interesting new product, built around the use of QR Codes ("Quick Response" codes).

QR Codes are 2-dimensional barcodes, recognisable by the distinctive squares in three of the corners - you have probably seen them on products or printed advertising, where they often link to a website or smart phone app.

A QR2id Code is a globally unique QR code with special features that allows QR2id Personal and QR2id Corporate clients to securely store and manage information, and be contacted via the QR2id Service if one of their QR2id Codes is scanned (or decoded via the QR2id.com website). QR2id Codes are commonly used in loss prevention applications, such as on personal property or pets, but the range of uses is only limited by the imagination.

Media Releases


QR2id Emergency Services Information

Life-Saving Information - Who you are, who to contact & what to know

This little square code could save a life and reduce hours of worry for loved ones. A QR2id® Code on a key ring or bike helmet gives secure access to important contact details and potentially life-saving information to authorised emergency services personnel, should the unthinkable occur. QR2id® Code users nominate what information is displayed when one of their QR2id Codes is scanned or decoded via the QR2id.com website. They can also nominate specific information to be only available to authorised emergency services personnel, such as next of kin/emergency contacts, doctor's details, and medical information. QR2id works to protect users privacy while still making essential information available to those authorised to have access, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. For more information QR2id.com

QR2id ID Card Scanning

Credential Verification - are they who they say they are?

QR2id® provides a low cost, convenient, flexible and context sensitive method of credential verification. By leveraging freely available QR Code readers for Smart Phones and a powerful web-application, it is possible to validate ID Cards and licences in the field. A number of APIs for QR2id® support electronic data interchange to generate globally unique QR2id Codes and/or update card/cardholder status. This allows verification to occur on QR2id’s infrastructure or own your own servers. The QR2id® Corporate Service can also be used for context sensitive property marking, Guard Tour functions, location identification, and asset management. For more information QR2id.com

Information Sheets

QR2id Information Sheets


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Sample QR Code

QR2id Phone Lock Screen

Scan QR2id Key-Ring (Vehicle Tax Log)

QR2id Key Ring

QR2id Discs

ID Card Scanning/Validation (Staff/Student ID Cards)

Asset Identification/MSDS (Asset Management/Safety)

Indelible Property Marking (Crime Prevention)

Dog Tag (Pet & Owner Safety)

QR2id Sticker on Snake Tank (Recording Observations)