QR2id ID Card/Licence Verification


  • Student Cards
  • Staff ID Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Licenses
  • Work Permits
  • Parking Permits
  • Visitor Passes
  • ... anywhere real-time verification is required

Key Points

  • Extensive data protection strategies
    (currently used in government & university applications)
  • Flexible and context sensitive
  • Easily integrated with existing systems
  • Data on your servers or ours
    (several data exchange options)
  • Full service implementation available (if required)

QR2id ID Card / Licence Verification

QR2id provides a low cost, convenient, flexible and context sensitive method of credential verification, without any need for proprietary software.

By incorporating a QR2id Code into the design of your ID Cards, licenses, or other credentials, it is immediately possible to verify key aspects of the credential dynamically in the field using any Smart Phone with a QR Code scanner app. The QR2id Serial Number can also be incorporated into the card design and used via the QR2id.com website to access the same information, where a QR Code reader is not available.

For example, the use of forged student cards is a known problem in universities, where the photograph of a paid examination taker is substituted on a forged ID Card of a student. The impostor then presents the forged card at the examination, attempting to pass for the student whose name and other details appear on the card.

With QR2id incorporated into student cards, examiners can simply scan the QR2id Code on the card and see the photograph that was originally printed on the card. QR2id has already been responsible for catching two impostors attempting to sit examinations at an Australian university. QR2id is a proven, low cost and adaptable technology that delivers results.

In a different context, QR2id can be used to verify the status of staff, contractors, and visitors. Immediately establish validity of employment/contact engagement, validity of training/certifications, and any other safety and/or security information to any authorised person scanning the credential. There are a wide range of information security options available for QR2id Credential Verification, and what is displayed can be context sensitive. i.e. different information can be presented to different people dependent upon assigned privileges, or completely restricted to specific devices or a given network IP address space.

At its core, the QR2id service provides globally unique QR2id Codes that can be added to ID Cards, Licenses, Induction Cards, permits, or any form of credential. It should be noted that QR2id does not need to replace any existing systems and can work happily with most card production solutions. A range of API (application programming interface) options are available to facilitate secure and flexible integration at very low cost.

Some of the users of QR2id Credential Verification have included:

Mobile Verification with GoPad

While a smart phone is all that is needed to use QR2id for verification, using an iPad or other tablet to scan cards can be convenient because it gives you more visual real estate for other applications.

The GoPad is a new invention from Visionary Technology Inc., Canada. Attached to the back of the tablet using 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fastener, the GoPad allows the user to wear the tablet in a highly functional position, keeping your hands free to scan cards and search for relevant records on the tablet.

The next generation of the GoPad will be available soon through Amtac.

Card Production

If you are looking for a complete card production solution incorporating QR2id, we would be pleased to help.

Our high quality ID Card/Licence printers can incorporate not only all the traditional printed elements, including UV security features, we can also encode cards with magnetic stripe and/or Smart Card technologies (contact and contactless) to support a wide range of functions, including electronic access control.

Click Here to download a case study outlining the University of Southern Queensland staff, students and contractor photo identification card project.