QR2id: The High Profit - Low Effort Fundraiser

Earn 'hard to get' funds for your school, scout troop, community group or charity, while enhancing the safety and security of your supporters and their families.

1000's of uses!...

QR2id is the 21st century ID for personal property and pets. Your supporters will immediately be able to use QR2id to not only identify property, but also to enhance personal safety. Click Here for details of how QR2id can potentially save a life.

QR2id for pets and their people

Each Starter Kit comes with a set of weather-resistant stickers and garment labels. By putting a QR2id Sticker on children's bike helmets or QR2id Label on swimming costumes, parents can be immediately contactable should the unthinkable happen, and potentially life saving medical information can be made available to authorised emergency services personnel... compare that to cookie dough or chocolates fundraisers!

QR2id for protecting families

The highlights

  • No money up front OR AT ANY TIME
  • Make up to 30% ongoing commission
  • The simplest fundraiser you will ever have done
  • We handle delivery (no coordination necessary - postage and handling is free*)
  • We handle payments (no chasing money)
  • Free incentive for coordinators promoting participation (e.g. key ring)
  • Choice of QR2id Tag, Disc or Combo Starter Kits to allow families to choose the option that suits them best

*the cost of standard postage within Australia/Regular airmail to New Zealand is discounted from the order value

Let us do the hard work

We supply you with:

  • QR2id fundraiser flier customised for you (PDF format with your logo, Voucher Code, and a QR2id Code which if scanned, takes supporters directly to the order page with your Voucher Code already entered)
  • Special link to include on your website that takes supporters directly to the order page with your Voucher Code already entered
  • A3 promotional Posters (PDF Format for you to print)
  • Receive regular reports to review progress
  • Direct deposit of monthly commission to your nominated bank account

Get your fundraiser underway


If you have any questions, or would like a written proposal to take to your fundraising committee, please call on (07) 3380 4678 [Int+61-7-3380-4678] or drop us a line via email aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=.

Note that Amtac's office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday, but out of hours telephone or Skype appointments can easily be arranged by email.

It is currently 11:24 PM on Sunday, 14 Jul 2024 at Amtac HQ.


It couldn't be more simple...

Become a Fundraising Partner

Sign Up

Sign up as a QR2id Fundraising Partner and get a unique Voucher Code for your fundraiser.

Tell your supporters

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Send out QR2id Fliers that we provide as a PDF (including your logo and Voucher Code).

Online Purchase

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Supporters visit QR2id.com & use the Voucher Code from the flier when making their purchase.

Choice of Options

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Supporters get to choose the Starter Kit that best suits their need, plus any other products or services they want to include.

Direct Dispatch

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Orders are dispatched directly to the customers by mail - no work for your committee.

Commission Paid

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Commissions are paid monthly for all purchases from QR2id linked to your Voucher Code.

On-going Income

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Commissions are also paid on any future purchases by your supporters, including renewals when they fall due in 2 years time.

QR2id Disc Starter Kits

QR2id Discs

Two QR2id anodised aluminium discs, suitable for pet tags, key rings, or attached to equipment + a sheet of 17 weather-resistant stickers + three QR2id Garment Labels.

QR2id Tag Starter Kits

QR2id Tags

Set of three QR2id plastic tags for use on back packs, key rings, luggage, or camping equipment + a sheet of 17 weather-resistant stickers + three QR2id Garment Labels.

QR2id Promotional Products

Help2Help Keyring

Have your own customised QR2id product designed and manufactured to make even more from your fundraiser.