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QR2id Personal

QR2id Personal

QR2id is a 21st century ID tag for pets and personal property.

QR2id Personal is the simple and secure way to give yourself the best chance of being reunited with lost personal property or your pet, while protecting your privacy and enhancing your personal safety.

If you lose something and have a QR2id Code in place, the person finding your pet or property can contact you via QR2id without you having to display any contact information. But, you can also set certain information to be available to only emergency services personnel, should the unthinkable happen and there is a need to identify you or contact your next of kin; ideal if you are out cycling or jogging alone without other forms of identification.

The QR2id Code can be scanned by any standard QR Reader on a smart phone, but if the person finding your pet or property doesn't have one, they can simply enter the Serial Number on the website to decode the tag and contact you.

You can change the information displayed or your contact details at any time through your QR2id Account - going on holidays and leaving the dog with friends?... no problem! Just add your friend's details to the contact list for that QR2id Code and they will be contacted if they somehow become separated from your pet. You can chose to continue to be notified in parallel (or not), but in any case you can see in your account any time your QR2id Codes are scanned and any messages that have been sent... more »

QR2id Corporate

QR2id Corporate

QR2id is an interactive form of property marking.

QR2id Corporate provides a low cost, convenient, flexible and context sensitive method of property marking, location identification, and credential verification, but there is so much more you can do with QR2id.

With QRid, you can at any time change what is displayed when any one of your QR2id Codes is scanned, or the Serial Number entered via the website. You can even use QR2id for marketing applications, allowing you to vary what is displayed and obtain valuable data about the times, and even places, that the QR2id Code is being scanned.

QR2id Codes are fully transferrable, so using a QR2id Code and/or QR2id Serial Number for property marking means that there is no problem if you later want to sell the item. QR2id Codes can be direct laser engraved on a variety of surfaces, or the QR2id Serial Number can be used by itself along with the website where it isn't feasible to use a QR2id Code.

Being "context sensitive", you can set the QR2id Code to react differently when scanned by a member of the public or a staff member/contractor who is logged into your QR2id Account on their smart phone or iPad. The applications for this concept are only limited by the imagination, but include key control, electrical safety, equipment maintenance, ID card verification, occupational safety, confined work area checklists, security patrol verification, etc.

As a QR2id Corporate client you can generate your own QR2id Codes... more »