QR2id Key Ring

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Only AU$17.60


Body: Stainless Steel

Insert: Black anodised aluminium

Thickness: 4 mm

Size: 30mm x 30mm (24mm Insert)

Front: QR2id Code & Serial Number

Back: Instructions (personalisation available)

QR2id Key Ring

This stylish QR2id Key Ring not only looks good, but provides you with QR2id loss-prevention and personal safety functions.

Attach your car keys to one of these QR2id Key Rings and you can configure the QR2id Code to Vehicle Tax Log mode and QR2id provides a simple, secure and extremely low-cost solution to maintain travel and expense records, while actually enhancing personal safety and loss prevention.


QR2id allows you to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel - referred to as *ICE* (*In-Case-of-Emergency*) information. You are in full control over what information, if any, you want to be available in such circumstances where it may assist emergency services.

The benefits of having *ICE*/Emergency information available through your QR2id Key Ring are clear, should the unthinkable occur. A QR2id Key Ring could provide time critical access to your contact details and/or potentially life saving information to authorised emergency services personnel.

The process of adding *ICE*/Emergency information is guided by a form that includes typical information you may want to make available, but you can add any information you wish. Each piece of information you add to an *ICE* Information Set is encrypted in the QR2id database for your protection. The decision about what to include is entirely yours and you can add, update or remove information at any time through your QR2id account. Click Here for more details about emergency services only information.