Vehicle Tax Log

Make paper logbooks a thing of the past!

Scan QR2id Key Ring

Key Points

  • Configure any QR2id Code for logging
    e.g. Key Ring, Disc or sticker on the dashboard
  • *ICE* (In-Case-of-Emergency) functionality
  • QR2id Loss Prevention functionality
  • Log Trips by scanning the QR2id Code
  • Intelligent pre-entry of details
  • Record Expenses by scanning the QR2id Code
  • Add/update trips through your QR2id account
  • Add/update expenses through your QR2id account
  • Dynamic overview of personal use
  • Export Trip Logs through your QR2id account
  • Export Expense Logs through your QR2id account
  • ... and all the normal functionality of QR2id

Customised Logging Solutions Available

Because QR2id is a context sensitive web-application, what is presented to someone scanning the QR2id Code can be customised for any specific application; and it can be different for different users.

Please contact us to discuss a customised logging solution to suit your needs.


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QR2id Vehicle Tax Log

QR2id provides a simple, secure and extremely low-cost solution to maintain travel and expense records, while actually enhancing personal safety and loss prevention.

Trip Log
Log Business & Personal Trips

Vehicle Expenses
Record Expenses

In-Case-of-Emergency Information

Return Keys
Effective Loss Recovery

... and the best part is that all this comes FREE with your QR2id Account. All you need to do is choose which of your QR2id Codes you want to use and set it to "Vehicle Tax Log", enter some basic information, and you are up and running.

Logging Trips

Logging vehicle trips couldn't be easier with a QR2id Code on your key ring or QR2id Sticker on the dashboard of the car. Simply scan the QR2id Code and touch the Log Trip button to bring up the form. Unlike pen and paper, QR2id remembers what you last entered and starts filling out the form for you...

Who are you?

Driver Name automatically entered
Your phone remembers who you are and enters the Driver's Name for you. To protect your privacy, this won't display on a different phone

What day is it?

Dates automatically entered
No need to enter the dates unless you are entering a previous trip

Where are you now?

Odometer and location automatically entered
Last Odometer and Location is automatically entered for the start of a trip

Is this the end?

Current trip ready to end
A trip in progress is ready to be completed. No problem if someone missed entering the end of the trip, just start a new trip

A full record of all trips is accessible when logged into your QR2id Account. Trips can be added from paper-based records and updated as required. It is as simple as clicking on the applicable element of the record to update details. The log can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet at any time.

Trip Listing
Example of the interface to add/update/export trip details from within the QR2id Account

The percentage of Private Use is calculated automatically based on the total distance traveled, less trips designated as for Business Purposes. The number of weeks that the log has been active is also displayed.

Recording Expenses

QR2id provides a very quick and convenient way to record expenses. Simply scan the QR2id Code and touch the Expenses button to bring up the form. Enter the details and touch save... it's that simple.

When you are logged into your QR2id Account you can review, update and add expense records, as well as export them to an Excel spreadsheet. Copies of scanned receipts can also be uploaded to the QR2id Code for convenient record keeping.

Expenses Listing
Example of the interface to add/update/export expenses from within the QR2id Account

Personal Safety


QR2id allows you to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel - referred to as *ICE* (*In-Case-of-Emergency*) information - when your QR2id Code is scanned. You are in full control over what information, if any, you want to be available in such circumstances where it may assist emergency services.

The benefits of having *ICE*/Emergency information available through the QR2id Code you use for vehicle logging purposes are clear. Should the unthinkable occur and you are unable to speak for yourself, QR2id can provide time critical access to emergency contact details and/or potentially life saving information. This can save hours of anxiety for loved ones, and potentially save a life.

Scan Screen In-Case-of-Emergency

Loss Recovery

If you find a set of keys, how do you know who they belong to or how to contact them?

Having a QR2id Key Ring is the best way to ensure that you have the best chance of getting your keys back, if you happen to lose them. With QR2id your privacy is protected - anyone finding your keys can send you an email/text message through the QR2id Service without you having had to reveal any contact details.

While there are apps that will do trip and expenses logging, they won't get your keys back if you lose them.

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