QR2id Plates

QR2id Plates


ECP-01 (AU$27.50), ECP-02 (AU$27.50)

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Material: Aluminium

Thickness: 1.2mm

Size: 100mm x 70mm
(to fit brick width)

Coating: Exterior grade anodising

Marking: CO2 Laser (Colour transformation)

composition: QR2id Code + Serial Number + Instructions

Supplied with mounting screws

QR2id Emergency and Contact Plates

The QR2id Emergency & Contact Service is a powerful new way to improve your safety and security at home. The service is made up of one or more Emergency & Contact Plates which contain a QR2d Code and matching Serial Number (which are linked to your QR2id Account) and instructions for use.

A visitor scanning the QR2id Code on the Emergency & Contact Plate can leave a message that can be sent simultaneously to any number of people via e-mail and SMS*. You can set your QR2id Code so that you are notified by email and/or SMS whenever it is scanned, and of course can always review logs of when and where it was scanned and messages you have received.

QR2id Emergency & Contact Plates can be used in conjunction with other items such as QR2id Garment Labels sewn into clothing, QR2id Stickers on mobility aids, and QR2id Tags on keys and handbags; even QR2id Discs on the dog. The same *ICE* information can be conveniently applied to any QR2id Code, and multiple *ICE* Information Profiles can be assigned to the one QR2id Code. Photos can also be added to *ICE* Information Profiles.

There is no limit to the number of QR2id Codes that can be managed through the one account, so you can add and manage QR2id Codes for family members who may not be able to do so for themselves.

QR2id Emergency and Contact Plates are manufactured from exterior grade anodised aluminium and are backed by the QR2id Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. The QR2id Code, Serial Number and instructions are marked on the plate using a laser that just changes the colour of the anodising, without removing material. This leaves QR2id Emergency Contact Plate with a smooth finish and a long life.

NB: A fee applies for message receipt via SMS.


QR2id allows you to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel - referred to as *ICE* (*In-Case-of-Emergency*) information. You are in full control over what information, if any, you want to be available in such circumstances where it may assist emergency services.

The benefits of having *ICE*/Emergency information available through QR2id are clear, should the unthinkable occur. For example, if you are injured and can't speak for yourself, having *ICE* details available through a QR2id Emergency and Contact Plate (accessible only to authorised emergency services personnel) could provide time critical access to your family or care giver's contact details and/or potentially life saving information. This is especially important in situations where frail or vulnerable family may be living alone.