QR2id Personalised Tags


Blue (AU$19.20), Red (AU$19.20), Violet (AU$19.20), Yellow (AU$19.20)

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Material: PVC

Thickness: 0.76mm

Size: 54mm x 28.8mm

Printing: Dye-Sublimation Retransfer (CMYK)

Front: QR2id Code + Serial Number

Back: Personalisation and instructions for use

Supplied with 3 nylon zip ties and one 20mm Nickel-Plated Steel Split Ring

QR2id Personalised Tags

QR2id Tags can be personalised with any text you like to make identifying your property easier at a glance, but still have the benefits of QR2id to protect your privacy. There are no minimum quantities to order, when you select from any of the standard QR2id Tag colours.

There is no restriction on the text you can include, but the longer the text, the smaller the font will need to be to fit in the available space (we suggest you limit it to 12 characters for best results). If you would like custom colours or to include a logo, please email us (aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=) or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

You will normally need to have purchased a QR2id Starter Kit before buying your personalised QR2id Tags. However, as an introductory offer for new QR2id Clients, simply add another set of QR2id Tags to your order and we will personalise them at no additional cost. Just include the personalisation you require in the Notes field with your order.


QR2id allows you to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel - referred to as *ICE* (*In-Case-of-Emergency*) information. You are in full control over what information, if any, you want to display when your QR2id Code is scanned or which is available only to authorised emergency services personnel.

The benefits of having *ICE*/Emergency information available through your QR2id Tags are clear, should the unthinkable occur. If you are going to have an identification tag on your bag, why wouldn't you make it a QR2id Tag and enhance both your safety and security.