Environmental Commitment

QR2id Environmental Commitment

Large and small businesses alike are increasingly becoming conscious of their impact on the environment and the need to meet not just their regulatory obligations, but also their social responsibilities.

As with the rest of the world, there is a recognition by responsible businesses of the importance of the wider environment and how essential it is to pursue a sustainable future.

At Amtac we have incorporated environmental sustainability into our QR2id and wider business frameworks. We acknowledge and actively seek to understand and reduce the impacts our processes, products and individual staff have on the environment.

We have made a firm commitment to reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Complying with all legislation and regulations applicable to the activities of the business
  • Incorporating recycled materials in our products and packaging wherever practicable to do so
  • Applying preferencial purchasing practices and obtaining materials and services from suppliers with similar environmental values
  • Reducing the level of waste we produce as a company and as individuals
  • Actively monitoring and maintaining data on our waste lifecycle
  • Disposing of waste that is generated in the most ecologically friendly manner, and in a way that places a priority on reuse and recycling
  • Promoting recycling on all our packaging
  • Promoting environmental values to all of our customers, clients, partners and suppliers

QR2id is dedicated to a sustainable future and will endeavour to continue to implement the best environmental practices in our everyday procedures.

Caitlyn Draper, BEnvSc(Hons)
Director of Sustainability

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If you are concerned about any environmental issues related to QR2id, please contact us immediately.

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