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A word of warning

Some other services offering pet tags with QR Codes state that they will email GPS data from anyone scanning the QR Code. This is misleading.

Assuming the user agrees to allow location information to be recorded, it doesn't necessarily come from GPS and you have no way to know how accurate it is. Please read the information on this page to understand more about location information that can be provided.

With QR2id you can rely on getting the best available information without the sales hype.

IP Addresses

When someone scans a QR2id Code or decodes it using the QR2id.com website, the IP address of the device/computer is logged for audit purposes. Certain information about the network to which the device/computer is connected is available and may give a clue as to the location of that network, but should not be regarded as definitive.

QR2id uses the latest data available from the highly regarded MaxMind Service to determine network information and likely location. However, IP address records are not always well maintained by network owners and the use of proxy servers can mean that the location information reported in relation to an IP address may be inaccurate. At QR2id you will get the most accurate information we have available in relation to the IP Addresses accessing your QR2id Codes. But you should beware of any service that suggests that an IP address can be used as the basis of determining the location at which a QR Code was scanned.

Location Services on Devices

As a QR2id Code owner you can set your QR2id Code to request the actual geographic location of the person scanning or decoding your QR2id Code.

Allow location

This process uses what is called "Location Based Services", and relies on the person concerned agreeing to share their location. Depending on the device being used and available services, a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS information may be used to determine the approximate location of the device when it connects to the QR2id servers. Older web browsers do not support Location Based Services, and as such are not able to provide location information.

Location Required

It is possible to set your QR2id Code to "require" the location of a person scanning your QR2id Code in order for them to access the information/contact form. However, this setting should only be used where you know those accessing the QR2id Code will have a compatible device and will allow Location Based Services (e.g. Guard Tour or similar corporate application where control exists). This setting is generally unsuitable for most QR2id Personal applications where you are wanting to facilitate contact from the person scanning your QR2id Code. If you would like to have location information if it is available, use the location "requested" setting.

IP Address to Location

Tell me about my IP address

Location Marker

When interpretting location information provided by websites, it is important to note that the available data does not always indicate the actual location of the network connection.

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