QR2id® Personal

QR2id is the simple and secure way to ensure that you have the best chance of being reunited with your pet or lost personal property, while still protecting your privacy.

With QR2id you can conveniently set and change what anyone sees when your pet tag or property is found, and be contacted by email or SMS without having to reveal your contact information. You can even ensure that emergency contacts and potentially life saving information is available to only authorised emergency services personnel, should the unthinkable occur.

QR2id Codes are fully transferrable (with authorisation), so you can confidently use QR2id on any personal property that you may want to sell, or give away, in the future. When you want to make a QR2id Code available for someone else to add to their own QR2id Account, you simply "Release" it when you are logged into QR2id.com.

There is so much more you can do with QR2id for your safety, security and just plain convenience... attach QR2id discs, tags, labels, stickers or stencils to:

  • keys
  • pets
  • handbags
  • musical instruments
  • luggage
  • tools
  • back packs
  • bikes
  • helmets
  • DVDs
  • bus passes
  • books
  • toys
  • trailers
  • computers
  • phones
  • camping equipment
  • surf boards
  • canoes

... upload photos, details and notes just for you or to share. You can even keep track when someone borrows something... no more struggling to remember who borrowed your books, tools, or DVDs!

Once you have your QR2id Starter Kit, you will wonder how you ever did without QR2id.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Beware of imitations!

  • Simple, secure and convenient identification
  • Ready to use or configure as you wish
  • QR2id protects your privacy
  • Securely share potentially life-saving information with emergency services personnel
  • Be contacted by email or SMS without revealing your details
  • QR2id Codes available in multiple formats and materials or print your own
  • Display anything important or interesting, or just securely store information
  • Unlimited QR2id Codes on the one account
  • Fully transferrable
  • Comprehensive logging and security you control
  • Scan with any QR Reader or enter the Serial Number at QR2id.com to contact the owner