Simplifying record keeping

Wide range of applications

  • Configure any QR2id Code for logging
    e.g. Sticker, Plate, Tag
  • Log routine maintenance and service calls
  • Conveniently meet compliance obligations for logging
  • Validate contractor performance
  • Provide controlled access to drawings, manuals or other information
  • Record Expenses
  • Set reminders
  • QR2id Loss Prevention functionality
  • Add/update log entries through QR2id account
  • Add/update expenses through
  • Export all logs through your QR2id account
  • Export Expense Logs through your QR2id account
  • ... and all the normal functionality of QR2id

Customised Logging Solutions Available

Because QR2id is a context sensitive web-application, what is presented to someone scanning the QR2id Code can be customised for any specific application; and it can be different for different users.

Please contact us to discuss a customised logging solution to suit your needs.


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QR2id Generic Logging

QR2id provides a simple, secure and extremely low-cost solution to maintain records and expenses.

Log Time
Log actions & observations

Get GPS Coordinates

Access documents & drawings

Record Expenses

Set Reminders

... and the best part is that all this comes FREE with your QR2id Account. All you need to do is choose which of your QR2id Codes you want to use and set it to "Generic Logging", enter some basic information, and you are up and running.

Logging Actions and Observations

Say goodbye to pen and paper! Logging important information about any range of assets or locations couldn't be easier with a QR2id Sticker or Plate. Simply scan the QR2id Code and touch the Log Entry button to bring up the form. QR2id remembers any special types of observations applicable to the context and has them ready for you next time. e.g. Topped up liquid, Replaced filters, Confirmed entry procedures, ... anything that you want to record.

Display what is important

Display information
Include warnings or instructions applicable to the context.

Access files or sets of files

Files and buttons

Log entry types

Select list of standard entry types
Selecting 'Other' allows you to enter any log entry type and this will appear in the list next time
You can optionally set a PIN to be required to log an action/observation

Recent log entries

Review recent log entries
Set number of rows
Set the number of recent log entries to see when scanned

A full record of all entries is accessible when logged into your QR2id Account. Additional entries can be added from paper-based records and updated as required. It is as simple as clicking on the applicable element of the record to update details. The log can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet at any time.

Log Listing
Example of the interface to add/update/export log entries from within the QR2id Account

GPS Location

You can configure your QR2id Code to "Request" or "Require" the GPS location of the scanning device. This is particularly handy for situations where you want to validate that the scan occurred on site, and not a via photograph of the QR2id Code scanned at another location.

Noting that GPS functionality needs to be supported by the device and allowed by the user, setting the QR2id Code to require the location will ensure that access is not given to logging functions, unless a valid GPS location is detected.

Setting the QR2id Code to have the GPS location requested, allows those without GPS capability (such as some web-browsers on a workstation) to proceed, but to gather the information where it is available.

Request GPS

Files & File Sets

You can upload files to any of your QR2id Codes, and set whether those files are available when the code is scanned or only when logged into your account.

With a QR2id Corporate Account you can create what we call "File Sets", which are groups of files that you may want to apply to multiple QR2id Codes (e.g. operation manuals, system drawings, etc.). File Sets can also have a higher level of restriction applied, where the files can only be accessed via a valid email address.

Changing the composition of a File Set wil automatically reflect the changes across all QR2id Codes to which the File Set is assigned.

Email required


QR2id lets you set reminders in relation to your QR2id Codes.

While there are other calendar applications that you can choose to use for your reminders, QR2id provides a simple and convenient feature to remind you of anything specifically you need to be prompted about in relation to the application for your QR2id Code.

Set reminder

Recording Expenses

QR2id provides a very quick and convenient way to record expenses. Simply scan the QR2id Code and touch the Expenses button to bring up the form. Enter the details and touch save... it's that simple.

When you are logged into your QR2id Account you can review, update and add expense records, as well as export them to an Excel spreadsheet. Copies of scanned receipts can also be uploaded to the QR2id Code for convenient record keeping.