QR2id Heavy Duty Padlock

Customisation available

QR2id Customised Padlock

Please contact us to discuss customisation to suit your specific needs

High quality laser marking with our own MOPA laser - no minimum quantities apply.

Workflows, checklists and functionality can all be adapted to meet your operational requirements


Phone: (07) 3380 4678 (+61-7-3380-4678)

Avoid Handling Keys

QR2id Bluetooth Padlocks

Access when it is needed / Revoked when it is not

Authorised users simply use their smart phone to unlock the lock - no keys or access card required.

The QR2id Code on the lock can be used for many purposes. For example, a checklist may need to be completed with certain criteria met before access is granted (e.g. confined spaces). Security officers can be required to log a security check or report an issue without opening the lock.

QR2id Air Bolt on a Valve

Truly adaptable access control
Automated and/or directly managed... and much more.

Plumbing and Electrical Safety

Enjoy the safety and security of being in able to lock off valves, or secure equipment and cabinets, while still facilitating controlled access for those who needed it, when they need it.

Automatically (or manually) revoke access privileges for individual users or an entire company without having to reprogram keys or locks. Leverage expiry dates for contracts, licences, insurances, and inductions to revoke access/trigger alerts.

Heavy Duty

QR2id Heavy Duty Bluetooth Padlock

Body: Stainless-Steel

Environment: IP 67

QR2id Marking: Direct MOPA laser annealing

Shackle Material: Boron hardened steel
Strength tested CEN Grade 4

Shackle Thickness: 6.35mm, 8mm or 10mm
Shackle can be changed in the field

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 74°C

Battery Life: 3+ years

Battery Type: 1/2 AA or CR2

External Power: Flat battery power-up capability

Air Bolt

QR2id Air Bolt Bluetooth Padlock

Body: Zinc die-cast

Environment: Weather resistant

QR2id Marking: Laser-marked resilient sticker

Locking Cable: Braided stainless steel cable
Plastic coated

Battery Life: Approx. 12 months

Battery Type: Rechargeable

External Power: Flat battery power-up capability

Use QR2id Bluetooth Padlocks in conjunction with any QR2id-based application

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Some functions for some applications may be in development and not yet released. Contact us to discuss your requirements.