About Amtac

Established in 1993, Amtac Professional Services Pty Ltd ("Amtac") established itself as one of Australia’s most respected consultancy practices in the areas of security, risk management and crime prevention. From its base in south-east Queensland, Amtac services public and private sector clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Canada and Hong Hong.

Amtac was founded with a simple commitment to not only meet, but to exceed client expectations by delivering high quality outcomes.

Amtac’s mission is to ...
"deliver exceptional value for its clients, partners and investors through innovative and practical solutions, products and services."


For almost twenty years, Amtac has enjoyed longstanding relationships with many clients and has undertaken projects where extraordinary levels of innovation and sensitivity have been required to deliver the desired outcomes.

Many of these projects have involved developing web-applications to assist clients in managing their security related risks, and it is this experience and expertise that we bring to the new QR2id Service.

Amtac's other web-applications have included:

  • Electronic access control management systems for government and universities
  • Crime and security incident reporting solutions for schools and financial institution
  • Security survey and risk assessment tools for transport, education, health care and other applications
  • Client information management solutions for alcohol and other drug treatment agencies
  • Identification card production, encoding and validation services

Click Here to download a testimonial from DRUG ARM, or Click Here to download a testimonial from the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland).

Security Industry Licensing

Whilst not required in order to provide the QR2id Service, it is worth noting that Amtac and a number of our staff are licensed / registered in respect of security consultancy services in a number of jurisdictions. The licensing / registration requirements vary between jurisdictions, but all include checks and obligations that can provide some added assurance for QR2id Clients that Amtac is legitimate business offering a legitimate service.

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading provides the facility to freely search its Licence Register online. Feel free to visit The Office of Fair Trading website and enter "Amtac" in the Company Name field of the search form.

Similarly, you can validate the security licence of Amtac's Managing Director and Principal Advisor, Rick Draper, by entering the licence number "407589566" into the New South Wales Public Register of Licences Search facility.

QR2id® Origins

Amtac has been working with QR Codes in a range of contexts and applications for several years, after implementing the first 'publicly accessible' use of QR2id for validation of our own Amtac ID Cards. QR2id Codes have since been incorporated into new Staff and Student ID Cards for the University of Southern Queensland, ID cards for international volunteers with Austraining International, the Australian Red Cross and Australian Business Volunteers. QR2id Codes also appear on identification cards for the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance Construction Code Compliance Unit.

We are delighted to be able bring this tried and tested functionality to new private and corporate clients, through a much wider range of QR2id applications than ID Cards. QR2id Codes are now finding their way on to key rings, pet collars, luggage tags, musical instruments, iPhones, tablet computers, bike helmets, location markers, safety/lock-out tags... and the list of innovative uses grows every day.

QR2id® is a valuable resource in enhancing personal or corporate safety and security and leverages Amtac's expertise in both risk management and web-application development. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at YW10YWNAYW10YWMubmV0.


The International Security Management and Crime Prevention Institute ("ISMCPI") was established by Amtac in 1995 and since that time has provided professional development opportunities for literally thousands of crime prevention, security and law enforcement professionals from many countries around the world. Amtac's objectives for ISMCPI are:

  • to promote and facilitate professional development and education in the fields of security management and crime prevention;
  • to promote recognition of the roles and contribution of the many disciplines involved in security and crime prevention; and
  • to promote and facilitate research into security and crime prevention.

Postal Address

PO Box 222, Browns Plains. Qld. 4118

Head Office

1 Carrican Court, Greenbank. Qld. 4124


General email: YW10YWNAYW10YWMubmV0

QR2id email: aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=


General enquiries:
(07) 3380 4600 [Int+61-7-3380-4600]

(07) 3380 4678

(07) 3380 4677 [Int+61-7-3380-4677]

(07) 3380 4699 [Int+61-7-3380-4699]


General email: YW10YWNAYW10YWMubmV0

QR2id email: aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20=

Office Hours

Amtac's office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday, but out of hours telephone or Skype appointments can be arranged by email.

The time in the office is currently 7:30 AM on Saturday, 29 Feb 2020

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