Information for Emergency Services Personnel

QR2id key-rings, tags, discs, stickers and ICE Lock-screens provide their owners with a means of being contacted by someone finding their property or pet, without having to disclose their personal contact information. Through their QR2id Account the owner nominates what, if any, information is displayed and how they wish to be contacted (e.g. email and/or SMS - click here to see an example). A person finding a QR2id Code can scan the code with a standard QR Reader app on their Smart Phone, or if they don't have a Smart Phone or QR Reader, they can simply enter the QR2id Serial Number via the decode form on the web site.

Serial Number Entry

To decode a QR2id Code or Marker Location without a QR Scanner, enter the Serial Number/ID and click "Decode".

Download a QR Scanner

Look out for QR2id Stickers and Garment Labels

QR2id Stickers

QR2id Weather Resistant Stickers may be applied to almost any item for property marking and making information available in the event of an emergency. Typical applications include bike helmets, sporting and camping equipment, computers... almost any item with a flat surface. QR2id Garment Labels may be sewn into school blazers, onto swim-ware, or any clothing. As with all QR2id products, the owner can set what is displayed when the QR2id Code is scanned, as well as setting information to be available only to emergency services personnel.

Emergency Services Only Information

Importantly, the owner of a QR2id Code can nominate specific information to be made available to only authorised emergency services personnel. They do this in their QR2id Account settings and indicate for which of their QR2id Codes this information is accessible.

When a QR2id Code with information available for emergency services is scanned or decoded via the website, the page that is displayed will include the following message:

+ + Emergency Services + +

*ICE* Click Here to access information only available to Authorised Emergency Services Personnel

Request Form

On following the "Click Here" link, the requesting officer is presented with a simple web-form which requires the following information:

  • Name of Requesting Officer/Authorised Person
  • Official email address (the address to which the information will be sent)
  • Contact phone number
  • Reason for the request (e.g. "Looking to identify injured person")

More than one Official Email address may be included any any given request; each address just needs to be separated with a comma.

Click to see a sample QR2id Scan results page

Audit Trail

In the interests of transparency and good governance, a copy of the email sent to the Official Email Address nominated by the Requesting Officer is also sent to the QR2id Code Owner. All requests are also recorded in a log, which can be accessed by the QR2id Code owner.

Any suspected misuse of the QR2id Service will be reported to the appropriate authorities and any subsequent action will be supported by Amtac as far as is practicable.


It is understood and acknowledged that there is always concern about personal information being stored in web-applications managed by private companies. Amtac has been providing web-applications to support the management of highly sensitive data for government agencies, universities, and health care related applications for many years. The following testimonials from clients are provided by way of evidence of our integrity and dedication to protecting sensitive information:

Authorised Email Addresses

In order to protect the privacy of the QR2id Code owners, yet ensure that potentially life saving information is available to bona fide emergency services personnel, Amtac maintains a register of email domains applicable to emergency services organisations. Only email addresses from the register of domains can be used. This means that private email addresses, such as, cannot be used.

Provided that the Official Email Address entered on the request form is in the QR2id register, the available information (as nominated by the QR2id Code Owner) will be sent to that address immediately the form is submitted. The QR2id Mail Server will initially attempt to send the information using TLS (encrypted), but if the receiving email server does not support a TLS, it will fall back to a standard connection.

You can check your agency's email address domain is included in the QR2id database by entering your official email address in the form below. Please note that only the domain is validated, as individual email addresses are not required to be registered.

If your agency's domain is not currently registered, but is a bona fide emergency services organisation, you can to make application to register the domain. This process usually takes less than 24 hours, but if the matter is urgent, please contact us via the QR2id Emergency Message service.

Samples/Feature Requests

Amtac is committed to ensuring that the QR2id Service meets the needs of emergency services organisations. If you would like to have a physical sample of a QR2id tag, disc or sticker, or have any requests for new features or changes to functionality that would assist emergency services personnel, please email aW5mb0BRUjJpZC5jb20= or phone us on (07) 3380 4678 [Int+ 61-7-3380-4678].

Information Sheet

Click Here to download a QR2id Information Sheet suitable for circulating to emergency personnel

Email this link to yourself or a colleague

QR2id Location Markers

QR2id Location Marker

Precise location details can be obtained by entering the Marker ID at

QR2id Tags

QR2id Tags

QR2id dye-sub printed plastic tags for use on back packs, key rings, luggage, or camping equipment.

QR2id Discs

QR2id Discs

QR2id anodised aluminium discs may be used as pet tags, on key rings, or attached to equipment.