QR2id Location Marker

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Specifications - Standard QR2id Plate

Material: Aluminium

Thickness: 1.2 mm

Size: 93 mm x 193 mm
(other sizes available to suit)

Coating: Exterior grade matt anodising
(coat with 2 part epoxy anti-graffiti if required)

Marking: CO2 Laser (Anodising colour transformation)

Identification: QR2id Codes or Intelligent numbering (contact us to discuss the options)

Localised emergency numbers:

Emergency numbers vary around the world


We highly recommend Replas Bollards and signage

QR2id Location Marker Bollard

Bollard Material: Moulded-plastic
(manufactured from recycled waste plastic)

Height: 1.5m (1.1m out of ground)

Size: 125 mm x 125 mm
(other sizes available)

Plot & Audit

Plot & Audit provides a quick and convenient way to gather data about locations / assets / incidents / observations... More Details

QR2id Location Markers

Quick and convenient access to relevant information, with enhanced personal safety

QR2id Location Marker Meeting Point

Meeting Points

QR2id Location Marker Distance Markers

Track / Distance Markers

QR2id Location Marker Point of Interest


QR2id Location Marker Interactivity

Interactive trails

QR2id Location Marker Beach Access

Beach access locations

QR2id Location Marker Fire Trails

Fire trails / remote tracks


QR Code Location Marekrs
Flexibility - you are not locked into one approach
Adapt as your needs change. You decide what is displayed: Local information, contact details, links to external resources, audio/video clips, maps... change content any time, or even what web page is displayed on scanning

QR Code Location Marekrs
Low cost / great value
Leveraging QR2id is the most cost effective option for location identification. Use off-the-shelf QR2id plates or integrate QR2id in your own signage; the choice is yours.

QR Code Location Marekrs
Immediately available
QR2id Location Markers are available off-the-shelf today. Deliver the benefits of location relevant information from a simple solution that you can adapt to meet your needs.

QR Code Location Marekrs
Scan or Web
Users can scan the QR2id Code with any QR Reader on their smart phone, or simply enter the Marker ID # at QR2id.com. Links to the information/location details can be easily shared.

QR Code Location Marekrs
Share locations
The Marker ID # is all anyone needs to access location information; just enter the maker id code at QR2id.com or share a link to the information page directly. QR2id Location Markers are excellent for meeting points at the beach, picnic & camping areas.

QR Code Location Marekrs
Emergency Markers
QR2id Location Markers can work in combination with other Emergency Markers. Emergency Marker codes can be imported into QR2id.com, facilitating shared access to location information without the need to immediately deploy new location markers. Care should always be taken to ensure that only one specific location is associated with the one emergency or location marker. e.g. 2 separate markers should be used at a beaches where there is separation of street-side and beach side access locations.

QR2id is low cost and highly flexible way to provide convenient access to information for users of an area through a standard QR Reader or web-browser, as well as making vital details available to emergency services when time and accuracy matter.


QR2id Location Markers create an accurate, reliable and accessible reference point for emergency services personnel.

Apart from longitude and latitude coordinates, QR2id can provide a great deal of other valuable information, including:*

  • Closest intersection and street details
  • Detailed directions to access the location
  • Local maps (e.g. walking trails)
  • Nearest resources / contacts
  • Hazards in the area
  • Contact details for unlocking gates / facilitating heavy vehicle access
  • Important dates
  • Related websites
QR2id Location Marker for Emergencies

The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) provides the critical link between the Victorian community and the State's emergency services agencies. It provides Victoria's 24-hour emergency call-taking and dispatch services for police, fire, ambulance and VICSES.

ESTA has been responsible for managing a comprehensive Emergency Marker program in Victoria, enabling marker locations to be identifiable to call-takers in the Computer Aided Dispatch system.

ESTA is now building on the foundations it has laid over several years by leveraging the QR2id Service to extend information about Emergency Marker locations and selected data to Victorian government agencies, community groups, and the general public. Entering an ESTA Emergency Marker identifier at QR2id.com will now provide immediate access to the available information, and a link to that data can easily be shared with others by email or SMS.

Open data commitment
Amtac is currently undertaking a stakeholder consultation process with a view to making the QR2id Consolidated Locations dataset available via data.gov.au and through similar agencies internationally, as well as via a QR2id API. Naturally, only locations where clients have granted permission will be included. However, it is expected that there will be very few situations where locations are not included in the dataset, and in all cases the critical information is always available by entering the Marker Identifier / QR2id Serial Number at QR2id.com.

*Information displayed is highly configurable and able to be dynamically updated.