Carers Queensland

QR2id Supporting Carers Queensland

Amtac and QR2id are proud to be supporting Carers Queensland and to be part of the Care Program.

QR2id is an innovative and low cost approach to identification for loss prevention, safety and security, or to support workflow and information management.

There are an enormous range of corporate and personal applications for QR2id, and it makes an excellent fundraiser for community groups. Special offers are available for members of the Care Program and your decision to use QR2id directly supports the work of Carers Queensland.

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Free QR2id Lock-Screen

Protect smart phones/tablet computers and enhance personal safety

Anyone finding a device with a QR2id Lock Screen Image can simply scan the QR2id Code to securely contact the owner via email or SMS. If they don't have a QR Reader app on their own Smart Phone, they can enter the Serial Number at to get in touch. Privacy is always protected with QR2id and you decide what, if anything, is displayed when one of your QR2id Codes is scanned. You can also add emergency contact and medical information that is only available to authorised emergency services personnel.

With a QR2id Lock-Screen image, you can keep your device locked to protect your information, and have the best chance of getting it back if it is lost. QR2id Lock Screen Images are available free of charge to all clients.

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No Smart Phone or QR Reader Required

Scan QR2id Key Ring

QR2id Vehicle Tax Log

QR2id provides a simple, secure and extremely low-cost solution to maintain travel and expense records, while actually enhancing personal safety and loss prevention.

Trip Log
Log Business & Personal Trips

Vehicle Expenses
Record Expenses

In-Case-of-Emergency Information

Return Keys
Effective Loss Recovery

... and the best part is that all this comes FREE with your QR2id Account. All you need to do is choose which of your QR2id Codes you want to use and set it to "Vehicle Tax Log", enter some basic information, and you are up and running.

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QR2id Sticker/Stencil Property Marking

QR2id Property Marking

Low-cost and convenient property marking that works

QR2id Sticker/Stencils are a unique and effective approach to marking valuable and attractive assets for loss prevention and as a deterrent against theft. The QR2id Sticker/Stencil material is UV, abrasion, chemical and temperature resistant; making it suitable for a huge range of applications, including iPads/tablets and computers, tools and industrial equipment, boating and camping gear, trailers and spare wheels... the applications are only limed by your imagination.

QR2id Codes are fully transferrable (with authorisation), so you can confidently use QR2id on any property that you may want to sell, or give away, in the future. Unlike other forms of property marking, a QR2id Code will likely enhance the value of the item when it comes time to let it go.

You can upload photos and files to any of your QR2id Code and either share these with anyone who scans the code or keep them securely to be accessed only through your QR2id Account. Store warranty information, manuals, service history... anything related to the item concerned; all in the one convenient location.

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QR2id Personal Starter Kits

QR2id Personal Starter Kits

QR2id is the simple and secure way to ensure that you have the best chance of being reunited with your pet or lost personal property, while still protecting your privacy.

QR2id Personal Starter Kits include two full years subscription to the QR2id Service, as well as QR2id Tags and/or Discs, QR2id Garment Labels and a sheet of weather-resistant polymer QR2id Stickers.


QR2id allows you to make certain information available to only authorised emergency services personnel, should the unthinkable occur. A QR2id Sticker on a bike helmet or QR2id Garment Label on clothing may mean the difference between contacted immediately and many hours of anxiety.

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QR2id Fundraising

QR2id: The High Profit - Low Effort Fundraiser

Earn 'hard to get' funds for your club or organisation, while enhancing the safety and security of your supporters and their families.

For personal users, QR2id is the 21st century ID for property and pets. Your supporters will immediately be able to use QR2id to not only identify property, but also to enhance personal safety.

The highlights

  • No money up front OR AT ANY TIME
  • Make up to 30% ongoing commission
  • The simplest fundraiser you will ever have done
  • We handle delivery (no coordination necessary - postage and handling is free*)
  • We handle payments (no chasing money)
  • Free incentive for coordinators promoting participation (e.g. Free QR2id key ring)
  • Choice of QR2id Tag, Disc or Combo Starter Kits to allow families to choose the option that suits them best

*the cost of standard postage within Australia/Regular airmail to New Zealand is discounted from the order value

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QR2id ID Verification

QR2id Credential Verification

QR2id provides a low cost, convenient, flexible and context sensitive method of credential verification, without any need for proprietary software.

By incorporating a QR2id Code into the design of your ID Cards, licenses, or other credentials, it is immediately possible to verify key aspects of the credential dynamically in the field using any Smart Phone with a QR Code scanner app. The QR2id Serial Number can also be incorporated into the card design and used via the website to access the same information, where a QR Code reader is not available.

QR2id has already been responsible for catching two impostors attempting to sit examinations at an Australian university. QR2id is a proven, low cost and adaptable technology that delivers results.

Whether you would like to integrate QR2id into your existing ID Card production processes or are looking for a complete card production solution incorporating QR2id, we would be pleased to help.

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