QR2id® Corporate

A QR2id Corporate account provides a low cost, convenient, flexible, and context sensitive method of property marking and loss prevention. But there is so much more you can do with QR2id...

  • Log actions and observations by simply scanning a QR2id Code
  • Store photos and documents relating to assets and locations
  • Integrate access control into workflows for compliance verification and security
  • Use QR2id location markers for information to orient visitors, create interactive trails, and as markers for incident reporting (e.g. large car park - bookmark the vehicle's location)
  • Fully transferrable, context sensitive property marking
  • Verify security patrol attendance (get the GPS location when the QR2id Code is scanned)
  • Use QR2id Codes in signage and unlike conventional QR codes, you can change the linked details any time
  • Log vehicle usage for accounting and tax purposes
  • Manage compliance obligations (e.g. MSDS, electric appliances, fire fighting apparatus, safety lock-out tags)
  • Enhance contract management - have contractors scan the QR2id Code when performing a task (even in remote locations). Log date, time, GPS location and any notes applicable.
  • Real-time ID Card / Licence / Insurance / Training validation without any proprietary software
  • Track entry/exit from confined work areas to meet health and safety obligations (no need for expensive access control)
  • Enhance safety and security - apply "In-Case-of-Emergency" (*ICE*) information to QR2id Codes (information only accesible to authorise emergency services personnel)
  • Manage the contents and plot the location of First Aid kits or Tool Boxes across sites
  • Manage the issue/return of any item
  • Redirect scans to your own website or external service
  • Use APIs to exchange data with external systems

Any QR2id Code can be set to redirect to external websites, link to your own infrastructure, or simply take advantage of the functionality built into the QR2id Service.

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QR2id-based applications include:

HouseKeepingID Link WasteID Link BackFlowID Link NotOnID Link PlumbingID Link RangeID Link